Electricity Demand in US Steadying

For the first time ever in the history of United States, the total average consumption of electricity has remained the same instead of increasing. The..

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Effects of Deregulation on The Electric Market

Deregulation began in the 1990's. At first vehemently opposed by the electric companies, it took a considerable amount of time before deregulation spr..

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Choosing a service Provider

Currently 30 states in the country are electrically deregulated. It means that the citizens of these areas can select both their service provider and ..

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Prepaid electricity service was first introduced in Texas in 2011. Since then, consumers have had more choices when it comes to selecting their electricity service provider, as well as in choosing their rates and plans. In the Dallas area, for example, there are more than 350 plans being offered by Retail Electric Providers (REPs), with 27 of them prepaid plans.